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Welcome to Зъболандия

Changing Lives One Smile At A Time!

The two fairies

We are Asya and Nelly, the founders of Zdravnica Zabolandiya. Asya is stomatolog- Tooth Fairy and artist and Nelly’s assistant, compliance officer and prevention assistant, Bach therapist, public relations, photographer, briefly called Blaginator, as Zabolandiya much appreciate the useful innovation, including new names as it is a new profession.

The two created a fabulous Zabolandiya with our innate design sense of beauty and friendly harmonious interplay of listening to our hearts, our souls, with the support of dear friends and even an invisible support that followed us everywhere and drives us forward to realize this idea.


Zdravnica Zabolandiya is a holistic dentistry, reflecting the Age of Aquarius, which changed the relationship healer-treating is used means respecting our ultimate structure and regarded man as a unity of soul, spirit and body. In practice here apply spiritual principles to the concept Treat with Love

The word „Zdravnica“ emerged from the need for a new address for where you are treated, because the words are codes that act on a very deep level and if we want a successful outcome, we must use the right words, not a hospital or clinic that contribute to brand different feeling, respectively result.

Zabolandiya name appeared at the head of Nellie and she is the fairy-godmother. It brings an enchanting, innocent and playful sound that corresponds to the idea of „Zdravnica“, is a cozy place, giving peace of mind, both for children and for grown-up ones.

Zdravnica Zabolandiya is designed to be useful to society. This is not just business, but a cause.

In essence Zdravnica Zabolandiya is unique and we should be proud of so that we are Bulgarians and development of such clinics starts from Bulgaria. Probably in that its combination of qualities not similar and worldwide.

We do not aim at competition and seek followers. We think this is the future of our medicine – people treated conscious at all levels, with resources as close to nature and environment, the most natural and unstressed. So we will be glad of supporters in all branches of medicine, which will be beneficial to our society

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Changing Lives One Smile At A Time!

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